Black Magic Symptoms

Black magic is known all over the world and is therefore known by many names such as magic spells, magic, hex, and magic, Jadu, Magic, Witchcraft, Voodoo and Curses. This spell is used for evil purposes by summoning evil spirits and even the power of the devil. This magic appeared in the spirit realm. If someone has mastered the art of witchcraft, they can practice magic for weeks or even months. During these times, they invoke spirits from the underworld, perform rituals, and sometimes sacrifice animals or humans to bind their spells with the underworld.

Symptoms of black magic

  1. Constant illness. All treatment failed,
  2. Constant anxiety, suicidal tendencies, or a desire to move away from home and family.
  3. Constant illness of any family member
  4. A lot of weakness associated with obesity and rapid behavior
  5. Infertility without any physical defects or medical reasons.
  6. Repeated pregnancy or child death.
  7. Sudden abnormal death in the family.
  8. Problems with construction of house, factory or any other building.
  9. Lack of money despite hard work
  10. There is no desire to live. A sense of peace. Life seems futile, does not want to rise in life.
  11. A sudden quarrel between siblings or other family members, for no reason.

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