Second Marriage Problems

Most people do not expect a second marriage problem. Those who are in the second marriage usually think that we have solved all our problems before we get married. Our first marriage was hell, so our second marriage should be paradise. One of the risks in any new or new relationship is the expectations, problems, or behaviour that precede it. This is especially important when it comes to marriage, where any dynamics or habits can become accustomed to living.

Maybe even your new partner is hard to trust because your last relationship was related to betrayal of trust. Anything that is customary in terms of your relationship. As a couple, we face many things in the past. In general, it is usually best to refer to a new relationship as a slate: to accept that you’re new partner is a different person than the last person and that you truly are someone else at the time. It can be more complicated than. It seems often we do not know what we are doing until we are shown it and we do not even notice that. Our behaviour influenced by previous experiences.

With all this in mind, what can be helpful before starting any long-term relationships is to talk about your expectations together, openly, honestly and respectfully. It may be helpful to look for a few souls to lead: things that you find difficult when it comes to relationships, any fears or anxieties that might be left over, and your hopes for the present life. These conversations can help you to understand yourself and each other better.

You can find out about your partner and why they do things more clearly. And it can be really important in terms of big things. For example, you may not yet know that you have the same opinion about living conditions. This may sound like a clear statement, but they have misled people who have been married many times before. There is no way to guarantee a new relationship is successful, but being honest with yourself and your partner is the best way to give yourself a good chance.

Second marriages when there is a child

Another common problem when it comes to second marriages is discussing your (and your) partner’s relationship with your children. Sometimes even older children struggle with the fact that my mother or dad is now preparing to marry another. They may never agree with their parents’ divorce, and they may express this by rejecting new relationships. Or they may jeopardise the role of the parent in the life of the new partner.

The stunning issue is the issue of inheritance. Sometimes, when someone meets a new partner, they want to change their wishes and write the person to it. This often causes real problems in families, with children getting angry that some of them are now moving into a new partner. If you have a chance, it’s a good idea to talk to your kids about what is happening. This way you get an opportunity to explain your point of view and they feel they are listening.